Ya Mon Soaks - stuff for the tub and now your shower!!!

Dated: January 5 2021

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After a long day...I enjoy a good long soak in the tub!!! Now I have found some cool stuff for the shower...


Check out this you tube video...

My new favorite bath product company, realtor gifts, and what I got everyone for Christmas. Let me tell you a little about John (Ya Mon) and Brenda. I got the opportunity to introduce their product line. I'm not good in front of the camera. I did some late night research on them and arrived early to their location. I was very curious as I am somewhat of a bath product snob...lol.

They make all their products fresh, no inventory. They use premium essential oils and salts. I personally toured the facility which was amazing, clean, friendly, and the aroma was so great that I bought one of everything. Of course they had to make me some as they make all their products fresh. I used one of their bath balms that evening...I was hooked really hooked. My husband and I have 9 kids and 14 grand kids. So I ordered most of our Christmas gifts from Ya mon soaks...They packaged up everything beautifully. I have since received feedback from most of the family who have tried their product. The verdict was hands down they LOVED IT!!! You can visit them online and they make it easy to order...you will love it!!! yamonsoaks.com

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