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Here is what I do when I work to sell your home!!!

888 Rice Circle Is now sold...

listed 4/22, under contract 4/24

Closing 5/29….

This Home is a Realtor's Dream Listing…(read on see how a listing goes)

Why? It's well maintained, clean, updated, inside and outside you can see and feel the ownership pride...This started out to be a for-sale-by owner. The beauty of their location was a disadvantage to them selling themselves, they were not getting enough exposure...I am not against people wanting to sell their own homes...but having the tools I have access to as a realtor makes a big difference!!! 

The multiple listing service is the holy grail of home listings. Once in the MLS, a home is sent out to dozens upon dozens of online sites and into buyer agents’ hands, so your home always has a steady influx of foot traffic in showings and open houses.

We signed a contract on 4/20, did pictures and a virtual tour on 4/21, started marketing 4/22, under contract after a dozen showings 4/25 by noon...It was a full price offer...they sold for more than they thought they could. 

Updates, the inspection went great. The buyer wanted additional smoke detectors added to bring the home up to code. Basically a smoke detector needs to be in every room, accept the kitchen and bathrooms. Two carbon monoxide detectors were needed in the hallways plus we're adding an expansion tank to the hot water heater. Today we got the news that the appraisal was AWESOME... So we are about 95% done, now waiting for the closing day….May 26...

May 26...The Sellers signed today...the buyers needed a few extra days so they sign on May 29th...we are almost done. The buyer did their final walk through today. I enjoyed watching the owner as he kindly gave the new owner instructions on general maintenance on the home, how to shut off the main water, pointers on the AC, sprinklers, watering times ect. It was a welcoming site, the new owners are going to love this home. The sellers are excited to have a new built home in the planning stage now!!!

Check out the virtual video (I provide virtual tours for all listings) https://app.cloudpano.com/tours/_YKtA8liP

You can view additional photos at (not now that it is sold and recorded...we can't see all the pictures...sorry)



Even when I have a contract in place it's always wise to get a back up offer in case...

Seriously look at that yard. You would have to hunt really hard to even find a weed...grass blades look combed!!!